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  • Approved Assessor for the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES)
  • Assessment against the Certificate and Award Levels
  • Comprehensive supported assessments that fit with your organisation
  • Additional bonus services including mid-term reviews, executive coaching & risk assessments


  • We help you choose the right service standards for your organisation
  • We undertake self-assessments, gap analyses, system development, post assessment work plans and ongoing quality management
  • Over 15 state, territory and national health & community services standards covered
  • Integration of quality system with reporting


  • Integrated, tailor-made solutions for improving organisational performance
  • Translating strategy into action
  • NDIS Readiness and Transition
  • System, policy and procedure development
  • Workforce development and performance
  • Independent workplace investigations
  • Executive and workplace coaching

AQP Consulting



AQP was established in 2008 to support health and community services organisations to grow and respond to industry change.  We have offices in Sydney and Adelaide and provide services across Australia.


We work across many sectors including women’s health, domestic and family violence, migrant resource centers, youth, disability, aged care, mental health, drug and alcohol, housing and homelessness services.


Our clients include large government departments, medium-sized community services as well as small non-government organisations (perhaps with one worker and a volunteer committee).

Our approach

We combine our strong business analysis skills, technical knowledge and outstanding customer service approach to provide exceptional, individualised services and products.

Our clients are supported and guided through each project or accreditation. We provide outstanding results that sustain growth years after projects are completed. We promote capacity building; increase business understanding and develop independence in organisations to improve their quality standards while still meeting the needs and expectations of their clients and communities.

We have strong, flexible and efficient systems which we tailor to the specific needs of every client.


We provide a high quality and consistent service based on high ethical standards and proven methodologies. In all our work we promise to deliver our core values of:

  1. Integrity—we act honestly, respectfully, openly, fairly and lawfully.
  2. Competence—we maintain the highest level of skills, competencies, and content and industry knowledge to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and maintain our reputation.
  3. Impartiality— we conduct our work objectively and make assessments and decisions based on sound reasoning, research and practice evidence.
  4. Efficiency—we undertake our work in a prompt and organised manner avoiding waste, delays and repetition.
  5. Professionalism—we act in a cordial and helpful manner with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders; we listen to all points of view; we observe professional boundaries.
  6. Friendliness—we pride ourselves on being friendly, accessible and easy to work with.

AQP Consulting

The ASES Roll out in NSW and the Specialist Homelessness Sector

In 2018, the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) announced that over the next few years all DCJ-funded specialised homelessness services (SHS) will be required to achieve ASES accreditation to the certificate level.

ASES Implementation Resource Kit

In 2018-19 AQP was selected by the NSW Homelessness Industry Partnership (IP) to undertake a pilot project to develop an ASES Implementation Resource Kit. The comprehensive kit was designed to assist SHSs with the rollout of the ASES. Ten SHSs participated in the project.

The Implementation Resource Kit is now completed and available to all SHSs. It provides step-by-step guidance for ASES accreditation and quality improvement. The ten participating SHSs also shared many tools that they developed in this project including ASES project implementation plans, client engagement tools and strategies and tips that helped them to achieve accreditation.

Our approach to accreditation

Participation in this landmark project provided AQP with a unique understanding of the NSW Specialist Homelessness Sector and the strategies and approaches needed for successful accreditation. Since that project was completed, we have continued to develop our expertise in the application of ASES to homelessness services by signing up several SHSs for their ASES assessments. For more information about our approach, you are welcome to view a short 5-minute presentation HERE.

Information sessions on the ASES accreditation

We welcome any inquiries about ASES accreditation for SHSs. We are available to provide your service with a pro-bono information session on the process of certification and the content of the ASES. We will deliver the information sessions to comply with safe social distancing guidelines.

ASES webinars and tutorials

AQP is developing a rolling series of easy to understand webinars and tutorials on the implementation of the ASES to SHSs. To register your interest in accessing these resources, please complete the form below.

Register your interest

If you would like to register your interest in getting access to the webinars and tutorials and getting updates on ASES in NSW, please complete the form below.

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    More information

    The NSW Homelessness Industry Partnership have a number of tools and resources that may assist Specialist Homelessness Services with ASES implementation. There are two introductory webinars on ASES that you can show to your board and staff:

    Introductory Webinar 1: The ASES Accreditation Process
    Introductory Webinar 2: The ASES Accreditation Standards



    Tamara Stojanovic—Principal & Lead Assessor

    Tamara leads a successful consultancy practice assisting community and non-for-profit organisations to meet quality standards, establish continuous quality improvement programs, and get the edge in a competitive, dynamic contestable operating environment. With a background is psychology and social work, Tamara has 25 years’ experience in human services including clinical and casework experience, service management, social policy development and executive management in the Government and non-government services.
    As Principal and Assessor at AQP Tamara assists Government and non-Government human services organisations with policy development, program management, evaluation, meeting quality standards, continuous quality improvement programs and business development. Tamara’s experience in quality auditing includes Aged Care Accreditation, QIC standards accreditation and Disability Services Gap Assessments and Third Party Verifications. Tamara has also undertaken significant cross-standards analysis on projects involving standards mapping across 52 state, national and international human service standards.

    Our Assessment Team

    We select only the most experienced and qualified assessors with many years’ experience as service providers and managers in human services.

    All of our assessors have been where you are now, managing services, attending to the needs of clients and staff while juggling funding applications, accreditation, new legislation and industry change. We always establish your operational context and assess where you are in the quality journey to ensure that your accreditation is meaningful to you, your staff and most importantly your clients.


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